Buff timer counts incorrectly

For some reason the timer that governs buff duration in combat in the PF1 module counts down every player/monster turn rather than every round. As the attached screenshot shows, we were on round 7 and the system thought I had divine favor active for 13 rounds (when in fact it was cast the round before). Does anyone know what might cause this behavior and how to fix it?

Hi there :wave:

This sounds like a bug in the pf1 system, possibly related to Enhance buff durations (#1126) · Issues · foundryvtt_pf1 / foundryvtt-pathfinder1 · GitLab which has been opened on the PF1 repository.

You might be able to get some more information by posting on that issue or by creating a new one there :slight_smile:

It turns out the problem is with the Simple Calendar module. The last patch to it was supposed to have fixed the bug according to the patch notes, but we find it has not. There’s a setting in the calendar that’s responsible and it’s been turned off.