Browsing through My Assets Library is very slow. Flip image not working

Browsing through My Assets Library is very slow, it takes from 5 to 10s when going through directories.
Also, flipping images is not working anymore.
I’m on 0.8.7, first time i have this issue. Didn’t change anything. And my world is small.

I believe the main issue is that when going through the library you’re loading the original versions, so it’s highly dependent on your internet speed to the CDN.
You’ll have a better experience within Foundry if you’re using the list view.

Flipping image support has been disabled for many months now. We previously used BunnyCDN which provided it, but it was causing issues. Then after enough issues had been caused, we switched to Cloudflare CDN, which does not provide such features out of the box.

Honestly, @DestinyGrey, we should just remove the options.