Brits looking for one more player for our AD&D2e campaign (online)

Hello there! I’m looking for just one more player to fit in our group, preferably with some experience in AD&D to help some of the beginners out. We’ve played a few sessions, but our last player had to drop out because of some unfortunate life circumstances. PM me if you’re interested in joining us, though there are a few things I request:

  • Live in BST (to save trouble with time zones)
  • A session is typically 3-5 hours with a few 5-10 min breaks
  • At least in your 20’s
  • Working webcam and microphone

Uh whats the weekly meeting time? like on weekends? I’m generally free during the weekends except for every bi weekly sunday.
I’m 20 got a handy webcam and a microphone headset and I’m from California so PST time is what I’m working with when translating your meeting time.

I live in England, in my 40s, played second ed (but a looong time ago), and even have all of the “Complete…” books, and a lot of other stuff besides. Webcam and so forth.

What setting are you using, and are you looking for someone to take any particular class to fill a gap?

And which day or days would you be playing?

Hey! Did you get my message?

I did, thanks. Sorry for not responding. Thanks for getting back to me and glad you got someone. Hope it all goes well, mate.

I have enough going on, but thanks for the offer