Bloody Crown [Lancer][PAID $15][Sat][11am EST][VTT]

You’re not fighting to save the galaxy; it’s up to humanity as a whole if it can be saved or not. However you can save this intergalactic backwater state from the horrors of war and the maneuvering of techno-feudal warlords. You’re not fighting for simple treasure or riches, because you come from Union space, where no person suffers from material wants any more. Right now, you’ve taken up the mantle and responsibilities of Lancers - the elite mecha pilots - for more personal and philosophical reasons and ambitions.

Fafnir is just one of dozens of habitable moons of the gas giant, Sigurd; it’s economy focused on harvesting the the energy and lighter-than-air elements of Sigurd and the agricultural out to feed the rest of the unusually fertile star sector. It was ruled by a noble, who in turn whose family was granted the fief by both Emperor and an AI known as Odin, but the last Emperor died when his starship exploded during a freak meteor shower, after putting down one of the periodic uprisings that occur when recalcitrant lords grow ambitious and his daughter, Sibylle didn’t have the necessary pull to have her peers let her inherit her father’s throne. Indeed, instead civil war exploded across the system, with contenders seeking pure military domination or a means to wake up or find the slumbering Odin and crown themselves.

But (most) of you don’t care about their politics. The majority of you aren’t even from here. You’re from the Cradle, the Core, or some other part of Union space and were part of a naval patrol that rediscovered this ancient and lost human civilization. All that you care about is Fafnir new revolutionary “peasant” government that has recently overthrown it’s local autocrat and it’s sincere belief in the Union’s promise of peace, love, and plenty and vow to adhere to the Utopian Pillars now that it learned of this new way of life. You can’t save the galaxy or maybe even end this war, but you can’t stop it devouring this little patch of earth you found.

Location: Foundry VTT and Discord Voice
Game/System: Lancer
GM: John C
Time/Frequency: Sat at 11 AM EST, Weekly. 3-4 hour sessions
Genre: Mecha-Military-Sci Fi
Slots 3/6