Bigby's Hand 5th Level Spell

Hello everyone. I’m trying to improve the experience for a player who’s casting Bigby’s Hand during combat.

The spell has been imported into Foundry VTT from DnD Beyond.

After casting and as a bonus action you can attack with a clenched fist (force damage) or grapple and crush (bludgeoning damage).

When you cast the spell to attack a targeted creature, it rolls damage for both the force and bludgeoning damage and deducts both from the targets HP.

The best way to deal with this I’ve found so far is to create a token controlled by the player to represent the hand, add two innate spells (to prevent being prompted to consume a spell slot) one for each attack type, with manually adjusted spell attack and damage bonuses. This works ok.

I’m unable to drag those onto the player’s Argon HUD from the other token.

Any ideas how I can make this easier / better?