Better way for file transfer

I love the forge but I stepped back from using it since file transfers are a trouble. For example I love bulk importing music in complete folders or want to upload a lot of maps tokens in folders accessible bei Foundry.
Is there another way to do this or do I always have to use the file manager?

If you want to bulk upload directories, you can do it through the Import Wizard. It’ll take the folder and place it into your assets library ^^

Hopefully that is what you are looking for?

Sounds like it. I would like to have something like a regular file browser total commander or something so you can remove and/or add files. I will take a look at the import wizards.

Maybe I need to find a better system to organize my files because it seems I can only upload a folder into this assets directory. Not for example upload 20 token direct to my token folder

In the asset library, when you choose ‘upload assets’ you can choose multiple files or all files in a directory and it will upload them all. It is pretty easy to upload all in a folder quickly.

So do your bulk uploads in the ‘asset library’ Forge tool and not in the file upload option in Foundry.

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You have both the Import wizard for mass imports, and the Assets Library page for file management (which allows you to do some things than no file manager could).
I think that, as @divado mentioned, you seemed to only be looking at the file browser from within Foundry itself, which is indeed quite limited in what it can offer you.

As for adding support for something like FTP, there’s a response in the FAQ for why that wouldn’t happen, and I explained in more details the reason why in this comment :

Thanks the Assets Library truly helps!
To be honest it is amazing and all I need. Don’t know why I did not see this.

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How does one export all of the files in the Assets Library, or save a folder? I’d like to pull the files to my local system to make some changes to the file names and then upload them back in… I can’t find an easy way to do this, and with it being over 1000 files it would take quite a bit of time to do this manually.

We have an assets sync tool to synchronize the assets library to your local Foundry installation :