Best way to delete FOG.db (reset)

hello folks,
Quick question.

My FOG.DB is pushing 20mb at the moment. We have been playing in the same living world for over a year now on forge.

I have noticed load times increasing quite substantially on initial load.
I have paired back and tossed a lot of things into shared compendium and deleted things we are not likely to use.

With that said, my last major clean up here is for the fog of war db.

I am fine with my players fog of war being reset as most of that data is old, very old and we are unlikely to go back to most locations.

Is there a best practice to do this? I want to make sure I don’t mess anything up.

Thanks for the help!

The best practice to do thise:

  1. Stop your server (world).
  2. Export 2 backups from My Foundry.
  3. Edit one of them. Delete Fog.db.
  4. Delete the world from Forge. image
  5. Upload your new edited world with the Import Wizard.

If you experience any issues, just upload your backup of the world. It should be exactly the same as you left it.

Hope this helps you out ^^

Just FYI, I would say, import the new world without deleting it, it will ask you if you want to overwrite the world.
If you delete it before, then the game (if you use the game manager) would also be deleted and you would have to re-invite the players and their game usage statistics would be reset.

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