Beer and Pizza DnD 8PM Saturday

Beer and Pizza DnD
$11.00 a session
Looking for new/veteran players to get loot and slay monsters. Think of an MMO. The story doesn’t really matter and you do as you wish. All of your goals can be achieved through adventuring. Want to build the greatest brothel in the land? That takes gold and that evil wizard in the tower has ton ton of it. And will the local order of prude nun-paladins have to say about it? Kick back and casually explore a dungeon with other chill people.
Slots Available: We’re looking for 4 more players
System Used: 5e
Style: I run about 60% combat and dungeon crawling, 40% downtime and dice rolls for whats going on around you. We use voice chat via discord.
Session Duration: 4+ hours
Schedule: Weekly, 8PM EST Saturday
Requirements: Social Skills