Bazaar vs. Game Data

I have a question regarding the Game Data.
in the FAQ it says that modules from the Bazaar do not count in the maximum amount of data there. I have almost exclusively modules from the Bazaar in my campaign and they all seem to count against the limit.
Did I misunderstand something or is there another explanation for this?

In what way are you seeing them count against your limit?

When I am in the Games Configuration and click on “Select Data Files to delete”, it lists the system (PF1e) and all the modules I have loaded. These are largely from Bazaar and the handful that are not are all tiny.
My world is about 117 MB in size, but I have used 497 MB, which is mainly due to a large compendium module (about 200 MB) that I got from the Bazaar. That’s how I noticed it.

Hi, first of all, a 117MB world is pretty bad, I recommend you check this tutorial :
I see you have 92MB just in actors, that’s likely to cause you all sorts of problems and can cause Foundry to be slow to start and lag in game. We recommend you delete all actors you don’t actively used in game every day, or create a shared compendium and move all your unused actors to it.

As for the data used by systems and modules, the FAQ specifically says that only world data and compendium data is stored. Unfortunately, the compendiums themselves have to be copied to your storage, Foundry cannot function with shared files for compendium packs (and you could always edit compendiums, so it is your copy of the compendium).
All the assets however are not.
If you look at pf1 system for example, it’s a 99MB system, but it appears as only 22MB because the remaining 77MB are assets. Same for your modules, as it should be 638MB usage total, but it’s only showing as 358MB.
As for that pf1 bestiary with 200MB of compendium… that’s just… wow… please disable that module until you actually need it, that’s going to be causing you all sorts of lag to have that module enabled. You’ll see your game performance skyrocket after you disable it.

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I second everything said here, that’s why I asked the question I did.