Bazaar - split the update all package into modules / game systems / worlds

It would be nice to update all modules in a single click without having to update the game system. Or just have update button next to each module if you dont want to update the lot (in the “update all package” pop out box)
Also in the list of all modules that have updates - be able to link directly to the release notes for each one, rather than having to go to each individual module through the Bazaar home page to see whats updated.


If you go the Bazaaar there is an ‘update all’ button.

That updates all (modules and systems), the suggestion here is to be able to update only some of the packages, or to say “only modules” for example.
The suggestion about release notes though is harder since that information isn’t actually available.

Actually, you kind of have the solution already done - I didnt see that you can filter by “installed” modules on the Bazaar home page, and that has all of the links to each modules github (which usually has the release notes there…but not always…that should be mandatory, but I realise that is not a Forge issue), and I can easily update each one through that as it only takes a few seconds for each one.

Yeah, that can be done. One plan (coming soon) is to have a full page view of per package, so you could click on a package and view the full description and other interesting metadata. If the module has a notes field set in their module.json, then that can be linked to, as well as where to file issues, and things like that.