Bazaar - Premium Content - no update possible

I can seemy premium content in the Bazaar under installed. The system also lets me know that these have updates, but I cannot install the updates. I get the followibng error message:

How can I update these modules? Thanks.

Hi. The issue is that these premium contents are managed by Foundry, not by The Forge itself. When you click install from the Bazaar, it will ask Foundry to install them for you.
You have set an admin access key for your Foundry, which means that the Forge cannot access it, so it cannot ask Foundry to install the updates. Here are things you can do :

  • Remove the admin key from your “My Foundry server” configuration. If no key is set, then the Foundry setup page is automatically protected by the Forge and you’d be the only one who can access it. Only set an admin key if you want to give someone else access to the setup page.
  • Within Foundry, click the “Return to Setup” and install the modules from within Foundry’s own “install modules” interface
  • Stop your Foundry server then try to install it again from the Bazaar. If you do that, then the Forge will launch Foundry temporarily using no admin key, install the premium content, then shut it down.

From your question though, I understand that the error message needs to be clarified so it’s less confusing, so I will do that as well.
Thanks, and I hope this helps.

Thanks for the quick reply. It worked. :slight_smile: