Battle Arcana : Community RPG using Foundry platform

Hi guys !

This is a project that we set up with 2 other friends. with the desire to create a kind of mini community mmo.

More than a century ago, humanity was attacked by extraterrestrial entities called ELS, putting the species on the brink of extinction.
some Humans decided to resist and lead guerrilla warfare against the ELS, this war saw the continents being ravaged and ultimately their destruction. In the midst of the cataclysm that followed, an artifact dating from a now forgotten era was discovered. The Neo Spark and with it the location of a new continent, Noctilia.

Following the discovery of the Spark, some Humans began to develop special abilities, some managing to trigger earthquakes and others being able to conjure fire.

Transcended humans, they received a spark of the powers of the ancient gods, They were called the awakened ones, the protectors of Noctilia, the immortals, the demigods.

You play one of them, in your quest to protect (or not) humanity, it’s up to you to decide what kind of immortal you will become.

The universe of Noctila has 2 facets, the first includes scripted quests written by the GMs. Your character will follow the story of Noctilia and its protagonists, he will have to make choices that will change its progress. (Karma system)

The second facet, and the most exciting, is the geopolitical context between the 6 player factions that control Noctilia.
So interaction with other players’ characters ( Roleplay) is necessary to allow your character to find their place in this universe.

We do not use a default system instead we created our own game system.
obviously we were inspired by the games that marked us (WOW, AION etc) so you will find the RPG classics

  • PVP
  • Faction War
  • PVE (dungeons 6 players max)
  • Advanced PVE (Raids and fortress of 12 players Max)
  • 8 classes available
  • 8 specializations for each class.
  • pet system, trades, and Exploration!

ancillary activity such as trades, resource collection and…

The ability to Pilot an Advanced Mecha Unit Named I.R.U

Our community includes more than 80 players spread across various regions (Europe, Asia, America), each region having a GM to manage the games. (we are also looking for motivated people to help us in our project =)) Discord Available and Website Available soon !

This is a brief summary because there is quite a bit to say. If you are interested contact me by PM.
(Sorry for the pure English speakers, being French speaking there may be mistakes in my writing.)

Video Footage of the game :