Batman Arkham-verse Bat Family game starting up for the new Batman Gotham City Chronicles RPG!

Batman Arkham-verse RPG ongoing bi-weekly campaign beginning soon using the iconic characters and new characters (if you prefer to make your own) starting soon for the Batman: Gotham City Chronicles RPG by Monoilith. Day/time TBD to try to accommodate all those who want to play. I am in U.S. Eastern time.

If you were not a Kickstarter backer and do not have the core rulebook PDF, you can still apply, as I will be providing materials and teaching the system. It uses a d20 derivative system, and if you have ever played Dungeons & Dragons or another d20 RPG you will have a VERY easy time learning this new/innovative take on the system. It captures the feel of Batman/Gotham stories perfectly.

If you have interest in possibly GM’ing or sharing GM roles, please let me know and I will get you up to speed and provide materials. I have hopes to play in the campaign myself as Batman, helping to guide and adventure with the other heroes. I can GM solely or in tandem with another as well.