Baldur's Gate-Descent into Avernus and lower

Platform: Foundry/discord
System: Advanced 5th Edition
Date/Time:<t:1680778800:F> (time stamp)
Seats Left: 2/6
This is a pay to play, more in the li k down below.

Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus is an official WOTC Adventure which will be extended to reach LV 20.
A Post-apocalyptic style scenario ,which will test the heroes physical and mental endurance, as they travel the scorched lands of the ever expanding Avernus. As their story unfolds, the protagonists of this one of a kind tale, will battle Merciless Daemons and deal with Conniving Devils, in search for a way to free Elturel and the souls of its Citizen, as the time at their disposal run shorter with each passing moment.
Note: we will not use the basic and official D&D 5E system but rather the more flexible and robust Advanced 5th Edition from Level Up.

1)The current Party level is 5th, And they have just arrived into Avernus.

  1. This game implements The more in-depth rulesets of Advanced 5th Edition from the Level Up System, offering More customizability while keeping it faithful to the system we all love and play.

  2. REAL LIFE political, religious, sexual type of discussion are not allowed.
    Play Dungeons & Dragons 5e Online | Descent into Avernus and lower...(lv 1-20)