Backing up my assets library locally

On the Forge I am still running my game on Foundry V10. A while ago I used this workflow (Backing up your assets library locally - Docs - The Forge) to back-up my assets locally.

From there on I migrated my local version to Foundry V11 to test things out.

Is the workflow to back-up my assets, which I used before, still working as intended when I would try to repeat it now? Running V10 on Forge and V11 locally.
I suspect it would not, because of the database changes.
Could you please elaborate on this.


Hey there :wave:

The Assets Library is independent of the Foundry version running, and the Asset Sync operates through Foundry rather than directly on the database.

The Asset Sync workflow is fully functional in v11, but be aware that if you upload your v11 game to The Forge it will overwrite your v10 world, which you may not want.

Let me know if you encounter any issues or have any specific questions!