Background Images of szenes in all my games could not be load


since the update from 8.9 to 9 in “The Forge” the Background Images in all my Games did not load. Even in new created games the Background Images of the szenes are not loaded. I dont have any Modules installed and all my “installed Games Systems” are up to date.

In my local Foundry Client i dont have that problem, so it seems to be a problem in “The Forge”

What should i do?

Could you check console (f12 → console) for red errors? I would appreciate a screenshot.

We’ve seen a few reports of that recently, and it always seems tied to a module. Make sure you update all of your modules from the Bazaar (and make sure it does say on the left hand side that it’s listing packages compatible with Version 9).
We’d also recommend you try to launch in Safe Mode which will disable all your modules. That will most certainly fix your issue, then you can try re-enabling modules in small batches until you find which one might have been causing the problem.

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I found the same thing when switching to V9 - it was the, Show Drag Distance, module, that was at fault