Background image for map from dungeon alchemist not working or showing

just as the title but apparently on the console it is saying it is failing to fetch the image even though I uploaded the image and such.

Hi there :wave:
Could you please check in your dev tools (F12) Console tab to see if there are any errors displayed there? If so, please share a screenshot :slight_smile:

Issues displaying particular images are usually related to

  • browser extensions interfering (Try in Incognito mode)
  • lower than 4GB of system drive space available (prevents browser caching, so images aren’t loaded. You can address this by clearing up some space) or
  • if the image itself has a texture with dimensions greater in either width or height than the max texture size your GPU is able to display (use a smaller image)
  • a Driver error on Macs if you’re under Foundry v11.315 (you can place a light with any non-default configuration in the scene as a workaround)