Aumera: Grey Skies and Grim Dawns | PF2e | Swashbuckling Grimdark Arcanopunk

You find yourself on the away team of the IMS Lightbringer. You and your fellow members are an extension of the Emperor’s Will - a strange combination of military black ops and heist specialists: you get in, do the deed, and get out.

How did you join the crew of the IMS Lightbringer? Were you…

  • hired for your unique knowledge and skills?
  • lost a bet?
  • gangpressed into service?
  • politically outmaneuvered?
  • offered a promotion in exchange for this high-risk appointment?
    … or some other reason you’d like to work out with me.

Either way, you’re underway with a determined and capable crew who are here to Get the Job Done.

Your first mission: discover why the lighthouse of Obsidian Point is so bright.

What to expect:

Strongly thematic Grimdark game

  • A contained game each session
  • Engaging combat with roleplay opportunities
  • Deep character creation and growth
  • Combat/Tactics: High
  • Roleplay: Medium to High
  • Puzzles: Low

Experience: extra friendly to beginners, open to all

Free session 0
LGBTQ+ friendly
Learn to play friendly

Contact: @heresybob on Discord - drop in on me and we’ll chat
Game: Pathfinder 2e on Foundry VTT, Discord
Setting: High Seas, Swashbuckling, Arcanopunk, Grimdark
Sessions: Bi-weekly on Wednesdays 8pm EST (Boston/New York)
Starting: June 26, 8pm
Duration: 2.5-3.5 hours, 1x10 minute break
Game Tools: Lines and Veils, Stars and Wishes,
Optional: PathBuilder (GM)
Free to Play: I do take Ko-Fi tips
Players: 3 to 5, 3 seats filled

Style: This is a western marches game: each session is meant to be a contained story - once we have a core group of repeat offenders, we can switch up the style.


  • Create a level 2 character, but we’ll start as level 1
  • Humans Ancestry Only
  • Character Options:
    • Free Archetype yes
    • Ancestry Paragon yes
    • Gradual Ability Boost yes

Still looking for players? I am not very familiar with PF2e, so there would certainly be a short learning curve going from pf1e, but I would like to try it. Discord DM at phoenixalexander is probably the best way to reach me if you are still LFP.