Audio/video disappeared after newest update

Updated to 0.8.6 version of Foundry, message chat and playlists work, but there is no audio/video pop-ups for players. Disabled and re-enabled in audio/video configuration, restarted server. Suggestions?

Audio/Video was broken with 0.8.6.

Foundry release notes mentioning it: Version 0.8.6 | Foundry Virtual Tabletop
Foundry gitlab issue for it: A/V chat is currently broken in 0.8.x because of compatibility issues with the open-easyrtc library and socket-io client. (#5070) · Issues · Foundry Network / Foundry Virtual Tabletop · GitLab

Alternative is to use the Jitsi module:

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Thanks! I installed the jitsi module and AV chat works.