Audio/Video control panel disappeared completely (multi-screen problem supposedly)

So, I enabled audio/video for my game, and tried to play with all the options. One option was the “pop out” icon, which I mistakenly assumed is a pop-out to a new window. Figures it’s not. But I still tried to move it to my 2nd screen. It did move out of the window, and now I can’t access it like anywhere. I tried expanding my browser to cover both screens - no luck. I tried restarting the server, audio/video in the game settings - it just doesn’t appear anymore. It seems like the game remembers my interface settings, and it remembers that audio/video panel should be “somewhere” I can’t reach by any means. Is there a way to fix this? Maybe, there is a way to just reset all interface positions to default?

UPD: yes, totally something to do with interface position, because it appears as normal if I log in as a player.

That’s an interesting problem and I am surprised foundry allows the window to go off screen like that. I was able to replicate the behavior. If you Play around with the browser size you might be able to find it. I moved the A/V window off to the right, moved chrome window off to the far left, mostly off my screen and stretched the window over to the right and found it.

Another option is it looks like the position is stored in a cookie. I tried another browser and it was not popped out. So clearing cookies may fix it as well.

Thanks for the input, but it just doesn’t work :frowning: I tried doing it already :slight_smile:

You’re a genious, cleared cache and cookies - it worked.
Thank you so much!