Audio Issues with Foundry Video conferencing

I’m trying to troubleshoot an audio issue with one of my players. Whenever Forge is open, their audio is very laggy and choppy, even when they’re using Zoom. I thought the problem might be having both Forge and Zoom open at the same time, so we tried using Foundry’s audio/video features, using LiveKit on a hosting server called At The Tavern, as per recommendations I’d seen on the Foundry Reddit forum. And their audio is still laggy and choppy. Everyone else’s audio was amazing, I will say that.

We had been using Zoom, and Owlbear Rodeo for maps, and did not have this problem with the audio. I wanted to upgrade to Foundry, but if one of the players can’t communicate properly, it’s not feasible to use. Is there any kind of fix we can try, or does Foundry just take up too much bandwidth if they have a slower internet connection?

I appreciate any advice.

Hmm, this is a shot in the dark, but have they tried it with another browser?
It might be something with the browser’s audio settings, with different programs vying for control.