Audio Distortion with Firefox after Update

After Firefox received its update to 115.0.1 (64-Bit) today, me and my players have audio distortions on some (but not all) uploaded sound files that are streamed from Forge VTT.
Other websites (read: YouTube) work fine, the used audio device makes no difference. Other browsers obviousely work fine.

Is this an issue with the Forge website or the browser? In other words: Can you do something or is it up to the developers of FF?

Hey there @zekatar
It may be a combination of multiple factors, including the bitrate and format of the audio files. Different browsers handle streaming audio differently, as you’ve mentioned.

If the audio is in .mp3 format, my personal recommendation is to convert audio files to .ogg, which I have found is the more reliable format.

It may also be a good idea to check in the browser dev tools (F12) for signs of any (red) errors that might point to browser load from module errors that could contribute to the choppiness.

Hey @phi,
thanks for the reply. It can’t be simply a module problem, as I have the same issues when I try to load the files from the library. What is weird about the whole thing is, that some .mp3-files work normal, others are chopped up in varying degrees (and it is not necessarily the big ones for the same run time having the problems).
An .ogg for one of the problematic ones works fine, though and is a bit smaller as well, saving some space in the library. I’ll try around a little with that and maybe convert all files to that format then.

That sounds like the recent update to firefox came with an update to the mp3 codec which has a bug perhaps?
As it’s happening on the assets library too, and only in firefox and only after the update, I’m pretty certain that it’s an issue with the recent FF update. You could always try to reinstall firefox, see if it fixes it, and if not, wait for an update to FF and hope that does it.
Switching to ogg is likely a good idea for now, since I expect the issue is with the mp3 decoder, so it wouldn’t affect ogg (though if it does, it might be an issue with FF’s audio playback code itself)