Attempting to import CSV using a module

I’m trying to import items through a module called fvtt-data toolboxm, but I’m having some big troubles. CSVs apparently are incredibly troublesome to have and use in either foundry or forge’s version of foundry.

  • Attempting to use the file picker, I tried to load in a csv file but it gives me an error.
  • Then I uploaded the csv manually using the asset library, but the file still won’t be read when I’m trying to actually select the csv file for import through the macro.

I have so many items that are different weights and different coinage than the standard 5e fair, so I’d really like to figure out how I can get this issue solved to import my custom items without having to manually change the prices of each item individually.

I have no idea how that module works, but it shouldn’t need to have any of the files uploaded to the server or the assets library. If it supports importing from a CSV file, then it should ask you for the file from your local computer and you’d be able to just select it. According to this however : fvtt-data-toolbox/ at master · SvenWerlen/fvtt-data-toolbox · GitHub that’s not how it works. I would say the developer should make the file select just be a local file selector (like the file picker’s “choose file” button basically, otherwise, it would basically force you to first upload the file, just so it can then re-download it, which wouldn’t make a lot of sense.
Regardless, there shouldn’t be any difference in how the file picker works on Foundry or the Forge, and I think it just rejects files with the wrong file extension, so it’s possible the module doesn’t tell the filepicker to accept CSV extensions.
I think an easy workaround for your issues would be, like you did, upload the file from your assets library page on the Forge directly, and then, you can click the little “copy URL” button when you hover on the asset, and just paste that URL into the “Source file” entry of the module, without having to click the browse button and without opening the file picker.

Your advice worked, and I also agree. I wish they made the system a bit easier to navigate without having to already know a bit of JS.

One good thing for them to have is an easier to produce template. Just have a UI that allows you to allocate what to what in-game rather than having to create your own json template. Maybe if I ever decide I want to start making mods I’ll do it myself. Importing csv files into foundry is an incredibly useful tool to have for someone who wants mass import of custom items, monsters, etc.

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