Assistance with Scene Packer module within Forge

(Foundry v8.8; D&D 5e v1.4.3)

I keep all of my Scenes and Journal Entries and Actors within a Shared Compendium.

I have enabled this Shared Compendium in all 4 of my Game Worlds.

When I make changes to one Game World (say, modifying a Journal Entry), and export / Import that Scene to a different Game World, I completely lose connectivity to all Journal Entries and Actors after the Import. And I’m forced to drag all Journal Entries and Actors from the Shared Compendium back onto the Scene.

So, I have decided to use Scene Packer to avoid all of these broken (Journal/Actor) links–and just import Packed scenes between all 4 of my game worlds once I update something.

However, after viewing 13 different articles and help guides on the web, and 4 different videos on YouTube, and 2 tutorials within Foundry (via Journal Notes included with the module), it appears that I am not understanding how to make Scene Packer work within the Forge environment.

Can someone please help me to understand how I’m supposed to make this work within the Forge? Perhaps with specific steps?


I’ve tried to figure this issue out, and I can’t make the module work on my local game either, so it is hard to know how to help you in a step by step guide. I’ve checked out the Modules guide, but it seems I am missing something.

For what you’re requesting, essentially you’ll need to make a new module, which they were kind enough to provide. Inside of the modules “scripts/init” you have to put the script they have already made for you in the “javascript” journal. This activates the “library Scene packer” module, and you can start the process. But I have no idea after that, it all gets a bit messy for me in the end. I am just not able to make it work either :confused: I hope someone can kindly help here too if they find the issue.

Good morning, Kevin.

I have figured out how to make the Scene Packer module work within the Forge. It’s very…klunky? But it does work.

I’m currently in the process of documenting all of the steps and recording a video that I’ll post to YouTube on the entire process.

Once that’s done, I’ll post the link here so that (hopefully) others will be able to utilize the module, as well.


Hi, I’m sorry that you found Scene Packer klunky to work with. I’m the author of the module and would appreciate any feedback you can give on ways to make it easier to work with. I’ve purposefully prioritised making it easier for the end-user to use, which in some cases has made it harder for the creator to use.

The best method of contact is via my Discord server, a link to it is in the readme of the module.

Good morning, @blairm.

Please don’t take my previous reply to @Kevin to mean that the Scene Packer is a “bad” or “insufficient” module in any way. Quite the opposite, in fact. It allows me to do what I need to do.

It’s just that, from a personal standpoint, I’m a bit frustrated with the fact that Foundry doesn’t supply this capability by default. And that’s where the “klunky” remark mostly stems from.


I didn’t take it that way, don’t worry. But I was looking for ways to improve it.

V9 adds support for maintaining IDs on the way in/out of compendiums, so that will simplify a lot of the process for most people.

I’ve made a video detailing how to use the Scene Packer module within the Forge.