Assistance with a tokens issue

I am running a Warhammer Fantasy 4th edition campaign (Death on the Reik) and since the last time we played, it has become impossible for me to place tokens on the map. I select them and drag them, but when I release them, they don’t appear. I have already logged in several times to see if it was a connection issue, but it doesn’t seem to be. Has anyone experienced something similar? Or does anyone know of a solution? Thanks."

Hey there :wave:

It sounds like it might be a module error. I’d recommend opening the dev tools console (F12) and doing the drag to see if you have an error logged there. If there is an error, it might show you the name of a module which is causing the issue.

For a broader test, if the above doesn’t help you fix it, please check to see if it happens when you launch in safe configuration with all modules turned off.

Hope that helps!