Assets and multiple GM's

So my friend got me into TTRPG’s last year. We’ve been playing and streaming and enjoying getting into it all.

He GM’s 5e and I’ve been trying out other games. I’ve been buying several other games to test out and play with. Most of the games I’ve bought the VTT kit as well and given him the key to add to our forge server.

I was under the impression we were adding these licenses to our server but after talking to him today it seems like Ive actually been adding them to his account. We are good friends so thats not really an issue but it does come into an issue like this weekend we’re playing twilight 2000 which I just bought for us and its seems like the assets are locked to his account?

Im trying to create encounters and the assets dont show up on my end but show on his end and there seems no way to share them. Did we just may a colossal and expensive mistake? Are these modules user bound not server bound?

Whats the best way to resolve this?

Hi and welcome!
I’m not sure I understand the exact situation you’re describing, but I don’t think you made any colossal mistake.
If the assets you’re referring to are coming from a package that was installed from the Bazaar, then you would find the assets under the ‘Bazaar’ tab in the file browser in Foundry. Those are the ‘server bound assets’ basically. If it was custom or premium content that was installed and uploaded to the account owner’s assets library, then they would be user bound, but we do have a system in place to allow multiple GMs to share their assets library (and the quotas/limits that come with it).
Check out this FAQ article : How to share access to your Assets Library
I hope that helps!