Asset upload error

Hello, I am receiving an error message when trying to upload an asset into the asset library.
Under Assets Library>User created folder (ISO Map)>Upload asset I am selecting a MP.4 file that is 172mb large and after I hit upload button, the file processes and then turns yellow and displays the message "Error Uploading " I am unsure why I am getting this error when trying to upload this file.

Hi Sevro.

The issue is that the file is 172MB and you’re on the Game Master tier, which has a limit of 50MB per file (check out the plans page for the limits per tier
You can upgrade your tier, or simply add an ‘extra upload size’ to increase your upload limit without upgrading tiers if that’s not something you want to do.
I’ll have a look though at the “Error uploading” message, it should have given a more informative error than that.

I hope that helps.

That makes Sense, thank you very much for replying.
I just subscribed for the yearly membership, really enjoying the website!

I did have one more question and I promise I looked in the FAQ and tried to find the answer myself (sorry)
I noticed my Assets library my “Game Data” shot up the other day but I am not sure what I uploaded/created that caused it. Is there anyway to see what is eating up my data limit?

And yet, you missed it :stuck_out_tongue:

You can see what is taking up data by clicking the “Select files to delete” button in the “My Foundry” page, which will show you the size taken by each world, system, module, and even your Foundry log files.