Are Foundry VTT and The Forge the same thing? Or the same company?


Many users new to Foundry Virtual Tabletop, or The Forge assume that the two services are the same, or are run by the same company. This is not the case. As we explain below, both are separate entities, ran by separate companies.

Foundry Virtual Tabletop

Foundry Virtual Tabletop, often called “Foundry VTT”, “Foundry Virtual Tabletop”, or just “FVTT” is software created by Foundry Gaming LLC., a company based in Washington, USA. It is the base software in which all Foundry users operate on. It is not a cloud service- it does not automatically sync any of your data to “the cloud”, or to the internet in general. It is a self-hosted application, allowing you to connect to others online and play your favorite tabletop games.

The Forge

The Forge is a hosting platform created by KaKaRoTo, and is operated by The Forge VTT, Inc. It is a hosting service that turns Foundry from a simple, self-hosted experience, into a convenient, cloud-based service with 24/7 access to your Foundry games. If you are reading this, you are currently on the The Forge website!

What this means

The Forge does not own Foundry Virtual Tabletop

While we can host Foundry Virtual Tabletop on our platform, we do not own the rights to the actual software. This means we cannot sell or lease Foundry Virtual Tabletop licenses without permission, which we do not have at this time.

As of right now, users who wish to use our service must own a Foundry VTT license, which they can purchase here.

The Forge does not develop Foundry Virtual Tabletop

Our company provides information related to needed bug fixes, and occasionally gives feedback on changes within the Foundry software. But we do not develop base Foundry software, or most of the modules that you can obtain through Foundry’s package manager, or within The Bazaar.

If you have feedback, bug reports, or other information you would like to provide toward Foundry’s development, we would recommend reaching out to Foundry Gaming with this information.

If you have feedback regarding modules, we recommend contacting those module authors. Please be polite- most people who develop modules do so as a hobby.

If you have feedback regarding packages sold on The Bazaar, we again recommend contacting those creators. However, if you have a significant issue regarding a package’s baseline functionality, please contact us via Discord, or via our email- [email protected]. We want to make sure our customers are always receiving the content that they paid for.

Foundry Virtual Tabletop is not automatically synced to The Forge

We recommend reading the following article for more details- Does The Forge sync with my local Foundry VTT installation?

The Forge VTT enhances the experience

Foundry is the best virtual tabletop software on the market right now. And we make it better. We bring it from a self-hosted experience into a simple, 24/7 access cloud service that allows you to run and play your games anytime, anywhere.

Featuring instant login into your Foundry games, multiple hosted worlds at once, and automatic optimization for all of your images and assets, we turn what is already the best virtual tabletop experience into something even better.