API Error When Trying to Upload Assets In Game

Just this week, I began receiving an error when trying to upload assets (images) while in my game. I’ve never had this happen before, but when I try to upload an asset using the “Browse” file tool under the “My Assets Library” area, it starts to upload then gives me an API error stating I do not have “write” access (even though I am the GM). Anyone else having this problem? I updated everything to the new beta version, but am still getting the error. The only workaround is to upload everything directly through Forge rather than in game, but that makes providing my players the ability to upload their own PC images problematic.

go into Module Settings, and find “The Forge” module, delete the API key you put in there (when you’re logged in on your account, you 100% don’t need it).

That did the trick, @aeristoka, thank you! I wonder if something changed or updated that made that API key invalid? How did it get there?

You would’ve had to put it there at some point, and you likely created that API key with an expiration. So it worked (because it could) up until it expired, then it rightly stopped you :slight_smile: