Any way to create a "viewer" that can only see what the selected player sees?

Hi - I’m running a D&D campaign that we are streaming, and I’d like to be able to make use of the lighting, walls and other such effects that Foundry has. However the problem I’m running into is that while I can make it so that my players can experience these things, I can’t seem to create a “viewer” mode that allows people to see what the players are seeing.

Currently I have an additional account that is logged in, and I use Falemos and Monks Common View to control the layout of a main screen. Then, on battle screens, I don’t use Falemos and instead have to set the global illumination to 1 so that all players can see the map, and then manually hide the monsters from their view.

I’ve tried the "Stream View’ plugin, which is great in terms of hiding the fake players webcam, but I can’t get it to work so that the view shows the current combatants “view” of the map. Nor can I specify it to have entirely global illumination just for that player.

Does anyone know of a plugin or solution that might work for this? I’d like the viewers to experience the same as the players do, as opposed to seeing everything “behind the scenes” as it’s happening.

I’m also using stream view, and it’s been working nicely. I believe what you’re looking for regarding the current combatant’s view is the Directed Combat toggle under Stream View’s settings.

This will tell the module to shift the view from the GM’s camera view to the current combatant’s view during combat. After combat, the view will automatically shift back to the GM’s view. Works perfectly so far.

Hey @emmetcooper - thanks for the reply! I did try that, but it didn’t seem to work for me - however that might be due to conflicts with Monks Common display possibly. I also realised I needed to grant the “observer” permission to the player tokens, but again still had difficulty.

I’ll give it another try though and see if I can get it working. Thank you :slight_smile:

@emmetcooper so I tried this out and it kinda works. See the following images for what I mean:

GM (as token):

Viewer (using Stream View - please ignore my camera haha):

It looks like only some of the lighting shadows are being taken into account? The tracking definitely works, but yeah the vision is proving problematic.

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