Ancient of the Land - Curse of Strahd [LFP][FoundryVTT][2:30 PM PST][Friday][Campaign]

Ancient of the Land

:spiral_calendar: Time/Date: Fridays at 2:30pm PDT
:watch: Duration: 3hrs, weekly
:world_map: Type: Campaign.
:chair: Seats Open: 7/7
:closed_book: System: Shadowdark
:desktop_computer: Platform: FoundryVTT
:dollar: Cost: $20/session (First two to join pay $10)

:wolf: Your torch flickers as you flee through the dark wood. You can hear the howling, and can almost feel the hot breath. Just ahead of you stands shelter, walls, and, most dire, light.

:drop_of_blood: Embark on a journey into the macabre with an alternative take on the renowned Curse of Strahd module. This time, we delve into the twisted depths of horror using the Shadowdark system, tailor-made for this bone-chilling narrative. Brace yourself as you traverse a gothic landscape teeming with bloodthirsty vampires, savage werewolves, and abominable creatures beyond your darkest nightmares. Test your mettle as you navigate the treacherous halls of Castle Ravenloft, praying that your torches won’t falter.

:new_moon: Dare to face the unknown in this game where the Shadowdark ruleset breathes new life into the Curse of Strahd adventure. Unleash the power of this system, offering a fresh perspective and thrilling mechanics perfectly suited to this haunting tale. With Shadowdark, every step you take and every decision you make will have dire consequences. Your survival hangs by a thread as you challenge the malevolent forces lurking within the cursed realm of Barovia. When you don’t know when your torch will fail, how can you safely navigate this land of perpetual gloom?

:fire: Shadowdark, the system, recently received over one million dollars in pledges on Kickstarter! It seamlessly combines old-school principles with modern techniques, crafting a game that oozes a nostalgic feel. This game welcomes players of all levels of experience; with its streamlined ruleset and clear formatting, even the most green beginner will have confidence in their understanding within a session or two. And don’t worry, I am always more than happy to remind or clarify!

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