Allow Players to Cast Effects On One Another Ex. Aid

D&D5E 3.1.2 Version 11 Build 315
Funny enough before the 3.0 Update this was working but now that I have updated players are no longer able to cast spells on one another. For Example Casting Aid on a friendly. It seems to be a permission issue but I do not know how to fix it other than making everyone an Owner of each others pages. Looking for ideas.

Player A is able to Self Target themself and their Familiar with the Spell Aid. Aid is applied.
Player A Targets Player B to Cast Aid. Aid is casted in the sense it appears in the chat like normal but Player B gets nothing.

If Player A has Control of Player B’s Sheet. They can target Player B’s token and cast Aid and Aid works.

That’s why I am thinking it is a permissions issue.
Also to note. I as the DM can cast the spell. Player A to Player B no problem. Also why I think its permission issues.