All New Audio Weirdness in 0.7.5 / 0.7.6 / 0.7.7

So, when 0.7.5 came out, I decided to give it a shot, but there were too many module that still didn’t work. But the weirdest one, was that when I tested on one of my machines that doesn’t have a Webcam, Foundry would say it “could not initialize Audio/Video, because one of the input devices is unavailable”. However, it would say this even if I went into the A/V settings and said audio only and set it to disabled video. But since I had to back-pedal to keep my majority of module working, I didn’t think much of it.

Tonight, I decided to test the newer builds. And again, the same issue appeared re the A/V. Whereas in previous Foundry builds, it would just show the box with my avatar in the space, and pick up audio. Nothing I did could reset it. I disabled all modules, disabled A/V, reloaded the page, then enabled one bit after another. Nothing.

I then tried something - I grabbed a spare webcam, and plugged it in. Suddenly, it showed a box and was delivering video - but…no audio. I proceeded to clear my cache, reset the site permissions, but no audio.

Here’s where it gets extra odd.

On a lark, I decide to enable the Jitsi module…which has never worked for me on Forge previously.

It works. Straight up. I do have to allow it through my security plugins in the browser, but otherwise, smooth as silk. Pulls audio from my head set. Pulls video from the plugged in webcam. I pull the webcam out, and it can still load up with an avatar in the box and picks up the audio from the microphone.

I turn off my security plug-ins completely, and no chance - core A/V does not work for me in current Foundry 0.7.x, but the jitsi module does.

Since it does, I think I’m fine for my next session. But if I’m missing anything, l’d love to know, because I cannot figure out for the life of me why the core A/V doesn’t work.

Figured I’d share in case anyone else ran into this.

PS: While I marked this a bug, I don’t necessarily think it’s in the Forge. Could be in Foundry. Could be in my Browser, or in some of the security settings I have on the machine at large. My intent is to try it on a couple different machines later this week, and see if I can pin it down to machine or settings somewhere.

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Thanks for that report. I know that the A/V interface had changed in Foundry 0.7.x and I believe this is a consequence of that change. I’ve just tested this myself as well with 0.7.7 and tested on both The Forge and a local Foundry install and the issue is the same. If only Audio is enabled, and there is no video device, it will fail and will not show the avatar view for audio controls.
I will forward this issue to the Foundry developer. Thanks

Happy to help. And it’s always good to know I’m not insane or just attracting tech gremlins on my own.

We all attract them :slight_smile: