All journal entries unorganized and blank - also cant see original world

I was using the desktop foundry vtt app to build out my campaign and had imported and modified hundreds of journal entries using the dnd importer. I only recently decided to go with forge to host my game (first session is tonight)
I used the import wizard which ran fine, and when i started up my foundry via forge I could only see the freebie kobold adventure world in my listing and not my own, but when i go in to modify worlds in forge, i can see and copy my own custom world, which then i can see when opening into the foundry start screen via forge.
Big issue is all my maps were no longer organized under their folders (fixed that via clicking and dragging everything) but all my journal entries are now BLANK and unorganized too. i used the dnd beyond importer for LMoP stuff to see if i could just reimport those and if it would fix the issue, but alas no, the LMoP’s journals all came in under organized folders but all journal entries are still blank.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hey there,
Sorry for the late reply!
This sounds like it might be an issue with the Foundry server version or that your world is relying on modules and assets which haven’t been imported to or activated in your imported world.

For new imports we strongly recommend importing your entire FoundryVTT Data folder so that your assets and modules will all be imported and available.

You can also reach out to us on the #forge-support channel of the Forge Discord server if you have any issues getting set up!