ADVICE NEEDED: Creating entire 20-level campaign and want to do it right the first time

I am converting an old 3rd edition campaign to 5e and will be running it for two separate groups. As such, I want to have a common source for the assets. I also want to reduce duplication of effort, duplicate files, and lag (e.g., only have a group download resources when needed). So, here is my plan (and here is where I need advice):

  1. Create a Shared Compendium called “Shackled City Adventure Path”
  2. Within this compendium, have “packs” containing the scenes, journal entries, and actors
  3. Once created, import these “as needed” to the relevant games.

I think that is pretty correct, but I am struggling with file structure. Does it matter how I organize the file structure in my assets library (e.g., for maps, images, etc.)?


Hello ^^
That is pretty much all you have to do indeed.
The compendium map will point at the asset in your assets library. It won’t create additional files in your assets library.

You seem to have it under control. Organize the way you want and it’ll just work :slight_smile:

Good luck on your adventures ^^

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Thank you.

I just noticed that, when saving a scene to the Shared Compendium, the Journal pins on the shared map lose their “link” upon import. Is there a way to keep those Journal entries and pins linked? I have Journal entry pins placed on the map for each room as a description that players can read. I would hate to have to re-place each of these upon import.

That is a foundry issue that I’ve also struggled with as a creator.
My current answer is no, and it really is unfortunate that it isn’t a Foundry default.

Yeah, I feared that was the case. Thank you.

Okay… an organizational question: the Shared Compendium module in Forge creates a compendium for each type (i.e., Journal, Actor,…); however, my campaign is huge and I do not relish the possibility of having thousands of Journal entries cobbled together in a single Shared Compendium. Does the Forge support multiple shared compendiums for each type. That is, can I have 14 Shared Compendiums for Journal Entries (one for each chapter of the campaign)?

I would recommend downloading the Shared compendium, then edit it to have more “journal” compendium, and then you can do as you’ve said.

It should at least support file structure if you put then in a nested hierarchy before exporting the folders to the compendium. This is what I do.

Candidly I’m curious how long until Forge shared compendiums lets us make more than 3 types of compendiums…

It doesn’t. I had a folder structure and the Shared Compendium completely removed the folder structure (unless I was doing something wrong).

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