Adventure On: D&D 5e Community

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Action-packed short D&D adventures for the players with little-to-no-time

:desktop: What do we play?

:crossed_swords: What do we offer?

  • Over 600 players and DMs.
  • A variety of one-shot adventures (not West Marches).
  • Easy plug-and-play capabilities – join whenever you can.
  • Short 2-3 hour sessions with 4-6 players per table.
  • Fun community DMs – you can apply to DM as well.
  • Chat with a growing community of players between adventures.
  • LGBTQ+ friendly community
  • 100% FREE!

:dragon_face: Anything cool?

  • New Ranking system launched!
  • Play-by-post launched!
  • Giveaways!

:shield: What do you need?

  • Must be 13 or older.
  • Treat the autognomes with respect.

Hello there,
Is there still a possibility of connecting in with the Adventure On Community. I understand that the majority of sessions are shorter β€œOne-Off” and with those numbers of people there are likely multiple games going on. I am looking to play occasionally and perhaps potentially DM some short sessions.

Thank you - AETZAM