Added a New Module to my Campaign But the Content Isn't Populating!

Anything I’m missing? I removed the old content and added in the new module but nothing changes. Do I need to upload assets or something?

Heya :wave:

It sounds like one of two things:

  1. The server hasn’t been Stopped and Started at The Forge. Foundry needs the restart to load up the new module.

  2. There is some kind of incompatibility or validation error between the module and the system, or the module and the version of Foundry.

Which version of which module did you add, which version of which system are you running, and which version of Foundry are you currently using?

This should help us pin it down!

You can also have a look in your Foundry logs at The Forge, where compatibility errors might be logged.

Stopping and starting the server didn’t work.

I’m using the latest Gatewalkers 2 of 3 module (1.0.1) in Foundry Version 10 build 291 with Pathfinder 2e 4.10.4

Those versions should all be good :+1:

My guess then is that there was some kind of issue when installing the basis pack dependency:

You should be able to install this via manifest URL, or alternatively make sure that the Foundry server is stopped and then, reinstall the Gatewalkers 2 module from the Bazaar

Let me know if the above works for you!

Hi, didn’t work. Do I need to blow up my world perhaps and try it that way?


Blowing up shouldn’t be necessary :bomb:, though you’re welcome to try on a clean world of course. The issues I’ve mentioned are the most common ones preventing the module from loading, but perhaps there’s something else in play.

Could you check in the Foundry logs to see if there’s any log of incompatibility or error and post a screenshot?

The other suggestion I have would be to open a ticket in the #ticket-support of our Discord server here and post an invite to your game. That way one of us can hop into your game with you and check it from the inside. That might help with the troubleshooting.

I may also be misunderstanding your issue. In which way is your new content not populating? The module is not available to be activated in world?

If it is activating properly, did you Import the Adventure from your list of compendiums?

Oh, dur, I did forget to Import. Sorry for the back and forth! Still pretty new to the system.

No worries! Glad it was a simple thing and not a deeper issue. Happy gaming! :muscle: