Add "Monster Features" to shared compendiums

In order to better integrate with the VTTA - DDB Integration module, can we please get a “Monster Features” pack in the shared compendiums? It currently has:

  • Spells
  • Items
  • Class Features

while the SRD also has “Monster Features” and the VTTA module appears to create “My DDB Monster Features” in the current world. I’d like to keep the class features and monster features separate, since that’s what the SRD has.


Thanks, this is now added as of today’s update : Server update changelog
Thanks for the suggestion!

Awesome, thanks for the quick fix!

Is there a way to add Monster Features and Monsters to existing shared compendiums? (i.e. created before you added this fix/feature)

Not an ‘easy’ way, but it’s not hard either.
You can create a new compendium, then in the forge export both the old and the new compendium, and copy the module.json json from the new compendium to the old one, and the missing files in the packs folder, then import the updated module (note that the module will have the new module’s name, not the old name).