Add a collapse description button to "my games" page for story-tellers

I´m a story teller tier and I have a lot of games that I run, so my “my games” page has a lot of them. I tend to write pretty long descriptions in the game world configuration and that makes it so, int the my games page, I have to scroll down a lot to get to the second row of games.
An option to toggle or collapse the descriptions (so, if we want, we could only show the banner images and the title of the game) would be very appreciated and would give a lot cleaner organization to the entire page.
Also an option to choose how big the banners should be (with like some options: “big, medium, small, extra small” for example) would also help. As a GM I don´t need to see the description of every single game I created, I wrote them, I know what´s in there, and it only clutters the page making it hard and tedious to look for games.

Here´s an example of what I mean:

Thanks :slight_smile: