Actor Sheets Not Updating Until Re-opened

I’m in the process of moving my D&D5e campaign from Roll20 to FoundryVTT and would like to use Forge to host the server. However when me or my players access any of the actor sheets, they do not update when we interact with them. If a button to symbolize proficiency in a skill is pressed, the sheet does not update to match it, we can’t update proficiency in our saving throws, etc… This is happening with every part of the character sheet except for the fill-able text areas.

Edit: We aren’t using any modules yet, we’ve just put down that the game system is D&D 5e.

What would the fix be?

Just to check, is your system up to date with your Foundry version?

If you’re on 0.7.5 you should be having D&D system version 0.98, but if on 0.7.6 it should 0.99.

If no modules then that narrows it down.

That fixed it!

Thank you very much for the quick response!