Actor Sheets look strange now

Hi there, I’ve just updated to the new forge/foundry and also updated 5e and all my mods in the process. I now have noticed that when I open any actor sheets it shows up as incredibly strange. It just said “items owned” and contains a numbered list of all the “items” whether they be class features, actual items, feats, etc. Basically it is just a shortlist of everything contained on the character sheet but there is no formatting. It even has the images that are associated with such things but, again, no formatting.

When I attempt to change the sheet (to tidy5e preferably) it only shows “Default” as the option. I have unchecked all mods to see if that would fix it and it did not.

I’m so glad I ran this update AFTER we played yesterday or else we’d have been completely unable to play.

I have now tried ctrl-f5 after seeing someone else has the exact same problems as me on here and that hasn’t worked as well.

Note that changing to microsoft edge also doesn’t work for me.

Looks like it solved. I think I must have had a session open when I upgraded to v10 and so that particular section didn’t catch or something. When I went to open it just now (about 2 hours later) it said I need to upgrade again and, after doing so, it works!