Activating Paizo's abomination vaults in Forge

I’m having a grand old time failing to getting the new Paizo AV content onto the forge.

If I go through the bazaar then it maxes out my data limit. I’ve gone through their explanation of exporting it then re-importing it but then this results in an empty folder without the ability to import the content (assuming it breaks links).

The closest thing I’ve got to success is reinstalling desktop foundry, activating the content as a new world and then importing that world back into the forge. Which then leaves me the option of porting my current campaign across enmasse (a pain because there are side seshenaginans ongoing) or transferring all the content back into a shared compendia and then reimporting (concerned I’m going to do this and miss something important in the back end (also, work!)).

Anyone got a solution that I’ve failed to appreciate?

A import of the module itself should not break the linkage, as the links gets updated to your assets library. Just make sure to press the “Import as custom”

It should be the best way to do it.
Did you experience something else?

It shouldn’t do that. During installation, it will use your data storage to download/unpack the content and then it will move the media files to your assets library. Your data storage will be temporarily increased by 2GB during installation to make sure you don’t run out of space if the package itself is large.
Can you try that again? Stop your game, install from the Bazaar, let it finish and see if it’s working as intended.