Access unauthorised. Invalid or expired API key

Hi there,
The system was working fine but the last week or so any time I, as the Gamemaster, try and access the Asset Libray I recieve the message in the title. Any ideas on what I need to do to get access to my assets?

Hello, you would have your assets over at
hopefully it is all there?
If not, you might be on a wrong user? (You’ll have to be on a Forge user to access your own assets.)
Or if you’re a friend of the Server Owner, you’ll have to get a API key:

you/your server owner can create a API key over at at the User Profile Section:

I can see my assets have uploaded, and I can go through them on the website. But when I launch the server and try and click into “My asset library” from inside the game I can’t do so. I tried it there and I’m definitely logging in as the game master.

Hello @gray

You’ve probably added an API key to the forge module settings which has expired. You as the GM do not need to use the API key.
Please remove the expired key and you can access your assets.