Academy of heroes game, Looking for one more [Homebrewed world] [D&D5e] [Paid] [$25 USD] [Weekly] [Wednesday]


  • D&D 5e Academy game looking for 1 new player maybe two to join an already existing party
  • The party is 2nd level, and has a Blood Witch (Homebrewed Class) Paladin, Sorcerer (possibly draconic) and an Artificer/Rogue
  • This game is heavy rp with a “slow burn” style of gameplay, don’t expect an end date for a long while
  • Combat is usually every 3-5 sessions and can be challenging
  • The party has two werespiders (trying to get cured) and a Dhampir (Planning to become a full vampire) both of these are background stories more then main plot points, the effects of both are homebrewed
  • PCs are first years so no characters younger then 13 year old or equivalent age for your species
  • you can play just about any build/race, but I ask you let me approve as lore in the world is different from other settings

Quick Plot:

  • Party is looking for a Blood Cult after several students disappeared and some were killed
  • They are just about to go on winter break so they can visit home
  • They just received an ominous message from one of the creatures that aid Aerath’s “Father Winter”

Hello to the Tavern. My name is Drac I am a professional DM of three years who runs story Driven heavy RP D&D 5e games in fully homebrewed world. there is a lot of lore and I am happy to have new players.

Today I am looking for one more player to join into a game I called “Academy of Heroes” This game currently has 4 players and three of them have been together in character for over a year. We started with a classic Commoner start game as children in an “Oliver Twist” like situation following a major war in the world. Over almost 10 years IC the party moved from street kids to students at the prestigious Academy of Heroes.

                   All games run by Draconus Entertainment™ are LGBTQ+ friendly and provide a safe and open environment for new, and veteran players alike. Any discrimination towards other players, or remarks that could be considered discriminatory towards marginalized groups or otherwise is not tolerated.

       While all Draconus Entertainment games are not marked as mature they do contain adult themes, interactions, and descriptions. These are not often graphic or gratuitous, but include partial, and full nudity, violence, adult situations, and language. If they were a movie our games would be rated NC-17. As such we do not allow individuals under the age of 18 to join. Without exception. 


I am welcoming new players to join this existing group of level 2 teenagers who have been accepted into Quiluna’s Academy of Heroes. The party has been together as commoners for over a year and has embarked on training to be true heroes in a dark and dangerous world.

The party are heavy role-players often doing text RP on top of in game session RP as their characters grow up in this world. New Players should be aware that the themes of Draconus-Entertainment games can be darker, and more difficult then a more light hearted game, but they are far from without humor and fun. Sometimes they contain elements of body horror and trauma and can be difficult for players not prepared for a more intense world. Once you have joined, we can discuss more details of what this means, but for now know I have 3 games a week and have been a legal business for two years and counting.

There is much to be explored and learned in this world. It is 25+ years old and quite well fleshed out with new lore and history being added regularly, much of which has been impacted directly by PCs in prior games. Understand this does not mean you can make your mark with ease, or just because you “want” to. Action must be taken, and it is a slow burn type setting with many powerful and dangerous threats, mechanically, politically and socially (IC of course).

Joining this game you will be making a character of first level with bonus HP and proficiencies from my commoner start mechanics. This character must be a first year meaning they are 13-15 years old and must have reason they have been accepted to a prestigious and expensive academy. I have many good launch points for new characters and many homebrewed races, classes and subclasses to choose from. The party is very accepting and friendly and now is a wonderful time to join so don’t delay apply today!

###Quick reference guide to the game world

  • My players enjoy a dark-fantasy setting with aspects of Grimdark and horror, so players looking for a more bright-fantasy setting with high potential for power-fantasy gameplay is not what this world is
  • Crimes have punishments, and importantly mages are heavily regulated and watched by local Hunters
  • Police are not to be trifled with at low levels, they have both superior numbers, and a higher capability then some may be used to in a D&D game.
  • The value of money is listed in coppers using standard 5e Conversion, but prices for items are completely overhauled in this setting
  • This game spends significant time in Roleplaying both in game session and in text chat during the week prior to the session, so expect some close interpersonal relationships with both your party and the NPCS
  • The setting is Aerath’s Equivalent to 1890 -1905 earth. this is both the era of the Victorian times and the waning years of the Wild West in the United States
  • The vast majority of the people in the world are humans, followed by Drakenblood (homebrewed race that replaces Dragonborn) and then Teiflings. All elves are exceptionally rare, as are half-elves, but Drow are common enough to not really get much notice. That said none of Aerath’s racial lore is the same as Forgotten Realms so don’t build a character based on forgotten realms.
  • Warforged do not have humanoid rights, and are considered property.
  • Mages are, fairly rare and very feared, even hated. There are no “learned” mages, all magic is sorcerer magic according to Aerath lore, and that means you have to be registered with your country of origin if you have magical power.
  • If you are a “rogue mage” archetype, you will have to be careful, if local law enforcement or Paladins/hunters catch you the consequences are severe, for you, your family AND your party for harboring a rogue mage.
  • Reasonable origin stories are fine, but most of your background and story will be developed organically through interaction with the world and your party
  • Because this is an Academy game, and you will be joining in first year your character must be 14-16 years old or equivalent age for their race’s maturity

That is all for now, You can apply by either replying to this post, or sending me a message on Discord my user name is draconuswulfe