About the Package Development category

This category encompasses developer Q&A about the Foundry API, Libraries, System and Module development topics.

Development Q&A currently takes place in Discord for Foundry, which has two large problems:

  1. Threading for Conversations

    • This means that because each channel is a single “thread”, some posts get buried, and conversation topics only last for a short while before getting overwritten by some other topic. You can’t have parallel conversations.
  2. Searchability for posts after the initial conversation

    • Discord search is … not good … to say the least. Further more, its’ not exposed to a public SEO engine so results don’t show up in google.

We can fix this by treating this Discourse (Package Development) Category in specific as a explicit location for backing up development questions and answers for the future. Once a question has been asked and answered it can easily be searched for and added to.

Furthermore we can still use Discord as a real time technical debugging platform, and when finished with a thread, “back up” that thread to Discourse to make it searchable later, as well as allow people to add to it long after the conversation has ended in Discord.

Hi, I’m QNABot and I’ll be handling all the Questions and Answers !

Author: qnabot

Message: QNA Bot

Description: This bot backs up threads from League of Extraordinary FoundryVTT Developer Discord to The Forge’s Discourse Forum PACKAGE DEVELOPMENT category.
This should only be used for developer question and answer threads.

Usage: !qna thread “some unique topic name” discordLink_first_post discordLink_second_post…
Description: Creates a new topic and creates posts under that topic based on discord links given. The topic name must be unique and greater than 15 characters, whereas the post content should be greater than 20 characters.

Usage: !qna post topic_id discordLink discordLink…
Description: Adds to an existing topic. Topc Id can be found as the last number on a given thread URL

Usage: !qna search “query string”
Description: Returns entries relevant to query string

Usage: !qna help
Description: Prints out the help section