ABOMINATION VAULTS [Thursdays @ 7.30 pm GMT+1] [3+ Hours] [PAID] [$15.00] [Online] [BEGINNER FRIENDLY] [FOUNDRY VTT] [DM looking for players]

when the fog is creeping,
And the moon is low;
When the town is sleeping,
Gauntlight starts to glow!

In the center of the inner sea, the most well traveled ocean of the world of Golarion are the Starstone isles, also known as the isle of Kortos, these ancient lands were risen from the bottom of the ocean by the now dead god of humanity Aroden and in the center of them he built what is now known as the city at the center of the world: Absalom. from here civilization spread across the isles and many cities, towns and villages were built to support those who seek their fortunes outside of the metropolis that is Absalom.

One of these towns is Otari, a sleepy fishing and lumbering settlement nestled in a coastal valley between two looming cliffs. for a relatively quiet and peaceful town its history is anything but that, to the northwest of town, only a short walk stands the ancient ruins of Gauntlight keep. many centuries ago the terrible sorcereress Belcorra Haruvex attempted to raise an army of monsters to threaten all, her plans were stopped short by a team of adventurers that go by the name of the Roseguards. they succeeded in taking her down at the price of one of their own falling, as a tribute they built a small village that will eventually grow to become the town of Otari.

That is where the stories end, but the grim Gauntlight lighthouse still stands, unburdened by the test of time and soon it will glow once more, a baleful glow that can spell doom to Otari and all of the Starstone isles. but fate is not decided, as a group of heroes will band together to venture into the ruins around the lighthouse – and delve the dungeon levels far beneath it – to discover the evil the Gauntlight heralds. Hideous monsters, deadly traps, and mysterious ghosts all await the heroes who dare to enter the sprawling megadungeon called the Abomination Vaults!


Abomination Vaults is simply put a Dungeoncrawl but one of the best ones out there, not only will you have to make battle with terrible monsters and people but also make deals with them if you choose, you will also have to contend with the environment from handling traps and haunting events to utilizing the different obstacles and elevations and even the same traps that would harm you against your enemies, using your wits instead of brute force could be the difference that saves your lives. In addition to that there is an overlaying theme of dread and mystery that oozes from every corner that will keep you motivated to delve deeper and discover more about the ancient dungeon. There will be many instances where your choices on how to progress through the levels have a lasting effect and might hinder or help you later on.

All experience levels are welcomed, if you are new to either Pathfinder 2e, Foundry, or RPG’s in general I will do my best to teach you the ropes and you don’t have to worry about not knowing things, we all been there, as long as you have the want to learn I am sure we can get you on your feet by your first session.

Constructive criticism is always welcomed after sessions, I strive to make the best experience for my players but I will need your help to do so. Jokes and swearing are totally fine however racism, sexism, bigotry, and any other nefarious behaviors towards other players are not allowed at my table, respect all around goes places in keeping the group together and maximizing fun. And finally, this game does have themes of suicide, ableism, body horror, and human experimentation.


Hello, my name is Zakaria, but you will probably call me Zak like the rest of my friends. I’m he/him, 23 years old with a strong love for role-playing, collaborative storytelling, and honestly just having a good time in general. I have been running and playing D&D for 5 years and I have started being a professional DM a couple of years ago with 5 games running at the moment and I enjoy it very much.

I have started running PF2E when the OGL incident happened like many others, and 100 hours later between playing and running the system plus watching and reading rules have given me an intermediate grasp on the system and its core rules. while I have not mastered the system yet my skills as a GM and storyteller are interchangeable between systems and I’m quite confident in them to provide a fun and engaging experience

It always makes me happy to hear my players scream when a terrifying enemy approaches them, feel the nervousness in their voice when I ask them if they are sure about their next action and the multitude of questions they ask me, which shows that they are interested in the story and very immersed in it. However, what makes me most happy is when a player says that they really enjoyed the session.


We will be starting at level 1 and all common options found in all of Paizo’s released books will be available, should you want to use an uncommon or rare option you will have to run it through me first and I will make a judgement on whether it will fit the game or not. we will be using the free archetype variant rule to allow for more customization. any homebrew must of course be allowed before use.

Concerning Payment

Session 0 is of course free, I will help you make your character within the confines of the overarching plot and world so you can have an involved and active character. After that you will have to pay 7.50$ which is half the amount declared in the post for session 1, and after that payment will be in full for subsequent sessions. Payment is preferably done before sessions.


Having a good mic is a must as we will be using discord’s voice chat to talk in game so get discord as well if you don’t have it, decent internet helps as well, a webcam is not necessary but if you want to use it be my guest. If you are interested we can talk more over discord, add me using the ID: GHOUL45#1253