[A5e] [LFP] [15$ Session] [Homebrew Campaign] Imadell

Looking for 1 more player to join the other players in the World of Imadell.

[Current Group Status]
The party escaped imprisonment by a Vampire, after which they took refuge within Safagiri(a large City within the World) there they used a few of the connections they have to gather information and prepare themselves. They are currently gearing up in both items and allies to eventually face off against the Vampire and whatever hoard of creatures might be under its command.

I will work with the new member to set up their character with the appropriate equipment and special thing since the campaign has been going for a while and I want to make sure they are not behind. What I can say is that the players are currently lv7 and use 25pb for stats.
Sessions will be hosted on Wednesdays 9pm GMT or 4pm EST (Daylight savings might shift session time a bit)

Feel free to contact me for further information/show of interest either here or on Discord (Username: dpengu_)