A player in my campagin cannot see the maps


I have been playing with a player who previously has used Foundry and the Forge just fine. Recently however, they cannot see the screens. They can see others webcam feeds, the dice rolls, chat, etc., etc. The maps just do not load in at all. Is there any possible solutions? They have switched browsers to see if Chrome was the issue. I have tried disabling some of my modules, however, there is nothing that seems to work.

Thank you for any help.

Have them check the “max texture size” on https://webglreport.com and compare that to the size of the image (not the size of the scene, but the image itself, in pixels). A black screen is usually indicative of a map being too large for an old GPU to load.
There might be other things at cause, and generally, a screenshot of the dev console could help pinpoint the cause, so ask them to press F12 to open the dev console in chrome, make sure the “Console” tab is selected, and screenshot that if there are any errors that appear.
I hope that helps.