A Pirate's Prize for Me | Pf2e | US Afternoons | $20 | Session 0 this Wednesday!

Starting Wednesday 17th May, 4:30pm Eastern / 1:30pm Pacific / 9:30pm UK

The imperial navy wants YOU! But do you want them? Of course not, you want freedom on the high seas! The smell of fresh salt air, the feel of the deck under your boot, and the wind in your hair - these are your destiny. Come aboard, it’s time to throw off the empire’s yoke and roam the Great Eastern Sea as a pirate and free sailor!

  • Steal from the rich!
  • Give to yourselves!
  • Seek hidden treasures!
  • Y’arrr!

No experience of tabletop gaming is required, and I am happy to help with character concepts and creation.

All my games are :transgender_flag: :rainbow_flag: :infinity: :fist:t6: inclusive. Sessions are $20 US, payable through startplaying.games for both our safeties.