A New Beginning! [Learn to Play Mage The Awakening 2E]

A New Beginning! [Learn to Play Mage The Awakening 2E]
**Slots Available Game 1: **1/5
**Slots Available Game 2: **5/5
System : Mage the Awakening 2E
**Style: **Discord, Foundry VTT
**Schedules Game 1: ** <t:1677495600:F> (time stamp)
**Schedules Game 2: **Game 2 <t:1680651000:F> (time stamp)
**Pay to Play: **Yes
Price: $20 USD


New to Mage the Awakening 2E?
*Have you ever Wished you could bend reality to your will?
Or to become a master of the arcane!" Don’t worry! I’m here to help! *

As an experienced GM, I know first-hand how challenging learning a new ttrpg can be.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or just need a refresher, I can help you through everything you need to know.

From rotes to improvised magic, I’ll guide you through creating and casting spells. I will show you how you can make your magic come alive and unlock the ultimate secrets of Mages.

Mage The Awakening is a game of hubristic pride, Power and the temptation to allow your reach to exceed your grasp of knowledge outpacing wisdom.

A game about obsession, turning away from comfortable Sleep to chase the weird and the unknown as occult detectives confront the supernatural of a gnostic World.

Embark on a journey filled with mysteries about secret knowledge, About knowing too much, becoming separated from your peers by unique insight, into the incomprehensible forces and twisting occult conspiracies behind a Fallen World.

Our Chronicles will be about the mages who find the answers to questions such as:
What is the Fallen World?
Could I live forever?
What if I could take back the greatest regret of my life?
What if I had the power to destroy the thing I hate the most?

The very same answers which will ultimately Pit them against their kind.

Game 1:

Game 2: